Monday, July 10, 2006

Anne R. Kaiser Pays a Visit

Today, Anne R. Kaiser, Democrat, Maryland House of Delegates, District 14 came to my house to talk about the issues. I answered the door, and she asked if my mom was home. (That is in my mind strike one, that she didn't consider the fact that I vote as well.) After my mom and I went outside to talk with her, leaving the puppies inside, she gave us each brochures. On the cover was a picture of her at a playground with two kids beside her. So being the dick I am, I said "Oh, you have kids?" She was a bit embarrassed, and admitted that they were just some kids she picked up off the street, though not in so many words. I let it go at that, but had I really wanted to vex her, I would have said something like, "My, what beautiful children you have. I can see why you are so dedicated to 'supporting our schools'* and why you are such an advocate of 'creating a safe environment for children and their families'*." (The quotes with asterisks by them were taken from the pamphlet.) Now its not that I dislike her or her policies; in fact, I know nothing about her, and from what it says on her pamphlet, I am in favor of her polices. Ok, I just lost interest in this topic.

Moving on, last night I made first contact with my soon to be roommate, and from our 3 minute conversation, he seems alright. Actually, all I really know about him is that he works as a Pizza Deliveryman, and that he likes programming video games and acting.

Speaking of college, I just got in the mail today, a letter from Rensselaer saying that regular sheets will not fit their beds, but these sheets that they are offering to sell me for the very low price of $189.95 (that's a savings of $52.40!) are guaranteed to fit. Did I mention the FREE SHIPPING? OMG. Along with the package they claim is the '#1 student choice' (the most expensive one), they have a bunch of unnecessary stuff like the 'bedside buddy' and the 'underbed storage solution'. Geez. It is a pretty nice package, but still. What a gip. I'm tempted to e-mail some random student there, and ask them if it really is true that regular sheets don't fit the beds.


Blogger MS2k said...

I, too, have never heard of her. Bollocks, though. She probably knows that she ain't welcome around my place.

Geez, regular sheets won't fit their beds? I thought size didn't matter. You should stick it to the man and grafitti their expensive sheets. =]

7/11/2006 1:40 AM


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