Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Cell Phone

As you may know, my cell phone has become 'chocofied', and I am unable to hear out of it unless the other person yells, and visa-versa. So I started looking for new phones at the Verizon store a couple weeks ago. My first choice is the Samsung SCH a930, shown here:

My second choice was the LG VX-8300 pictured here:

According to the Verizon plan we had earlier, we are entitled to get a new phone (up to $100) for free every two years. Since we have 2 phones under the same plan (mine and my mom's) my dad assumed that we would have 2 $100 dollar credits. So he ordered a phone for my mom first (which just so happened to be the LG VX-8300), and then when he went back to order the Samsung for me, he discovered that the website only supplied us with one $100 dollar credit for a new phone. This really sucks, because I was the one who needed the replacement phone in the first place! My dad spent the rest of the night trying to find out what to do, and in the end, he decided that once the phone gets here, we can return it. The phone arrived yesterday (I think) and since my dad is away on buisness, I have to wait until Friday for him to get back and do something about this.


Site Highlight of the week: The Dilbert Blog. This Scott Adams guy is funny. Anything he writes is worth a read. I have a link to his website at the top of the links section in the sidebar.


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